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Why Sewell's Race report is so important

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities formed by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson published its report in March 2021. It is an important document that requires full examination. In this post I will list my reasons why we should take the findings seriously and adopt all of the report's recommendations.

No, just kidding – it’s rubbish! It’s not worth the paper it was printed on (or .pdf it's saved in). While racism is no laughing matter, here are some brilliant and funny internet reactions to it, because, frankly, you can’t take it seriously.

However, once we are done laughing (or crying) we have to step up our fight against institutional racism, which is REAL. This is yet another attempt of the Conservative government to enshrine racism deeper into our society and attack anyone who claims that group membership matters and we are not just a bunch of individuals with no society. Governmental ministers have an explicit agenda of fighting anti-racist activity: Kemi Banedoch attacked Critical Race Theory, Lizz Tuss set out an approach to inequality in which she said BLM was a fashion and Michelle Donelan equated decolonisation with lies and censorship (see headlines below):

Against what the government's propaganda wants us to believe we know better. Here's a good resource showing how systemic racism actually operates in the UK

The only thing important about this report is that because of its utter racism and gaslighting it mobilises us to fight even harder!

Conservatives must go!!!

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